The Realme smartwatch just certified by the IMDA: will arrive soon

As for that of smartphones, the smartphone market will shortly be SmartWatch will see a saturation. But before that happens too Realme he's going to launch her. At the beginning of the year, precisely on January 8th, we saw how Realme's first smartwatch received the BIS certification. The Indian body therefore gave the go-ahead for marketing. Two months later comes a second certification, that ofIMDA: also the certification body based in Singapore gave the go-ahead for the company's first smartwatch. His arrival is expected shortly.

Realme's first smartwatch is about to arrive: to date, two certifications have been received by him

Although this is Realme's first smartwatch, it is not the first wearable device. In fact, a little while ago the company put his own on sale Realme band. So there are two products belonging to the wearable category: a smartband and a smartwatch. Below is the relative certification.

the realme smartwatch certified by the imda

As we can see, the product appears in the database with a code name RMA183. As with the Realme Band, we don't expect too much from the company's first smartwatch. Without a doubt it will be a device that will give Xiaomi a hard time in terms of price. To be more precise will collide with Redmi, although this has not yet pulled a similar product out of the magic hat.

The features it will integrate will be the basic ones: heart rate control, fitness functions that we already know and possibilities of check notifications. At present there is no information on whether the function dedicated to eSIM that we have with theOppo watch. But there is one point in favor that would distinguish it from the latter: availability. Being a non-China device we will see it arrive first rather than the Chinese users. Which did not happen for Oppo's smartwatch.

What do you expect from this device? We definitely a different design... at least hopefully.

[UPDATE] - 16/03

In a recent tweet, the CMO of the brand Francis Wang revealed that it is Realme's smartwatch will arrive sooner than expected. This statement from the company's ninety piece makes us think that by the end of April the brand plans to release its first smart watch. For now only speculation so nothing official. Stay tuned leaving your email in the space below to receive updates about the new device.

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