Shen Yiren leaves Oppo: is it a farewell or a goodbye?

Who more who less, we all know who he is Shen Yiren. The CEO of Oppo for several years who, over time, has been able to get us leaks and news also in a very fun way. The sarcastic ninety piece of the brand, however, decided to leave the ship and as of today, he no longer holds the role of CEO of the company. To be honest, he no longer holds any role in Oppo as he has decided to permanently withdraw. He announces it himself through a tear-jerking post on Weibo, then shared on various Chinese newspapers. obviously there is no shortage of criticism and the first (useless) allegations.

Oppo CEO Shen Yiren leaves the company: the reasons would be health, but the first criticisms announce a "betrayal"

The news of Shen Yiren's abandonment of Oppo will remain on the pages of specialized technology newspapers for several days. The reason is not so much that he decided to leave the company, but because of what i journalists try to build around the fact. Let's see together the reasons told by the interested party and then what the Chinese media say.

shen yiren leaves oppo

The now former CEO of the telephony giant, through the letter you see above, greeted all the fans and welcomed Chen Mingyong who enters his position as head of the company. THE reasons, as we read in the post, are of health even if Mr. Shen doesn't want to deepen (rightly) the topic. But he says of "look forward to returning to the team as soon as possible"

Now let's take a step back in time. A long time ago an eminent figure of Lenovo and ZUK, Chang Cheng, is joined Xiaomi as vice president of the entire group. Today, the day when Brian Shen (this is his name on Twitter), after the person concerned has resigned due to health reasons, the Chinese newspapers say that the reason is another. In particular, as well as for Lenovo's almost counterpart mentioned above, they claim that Shen Yiren's abandonment is due to his desire to move on to "competition".

shen yiren leaves oppo

To be more precise, several bloggers and newspapers on Weibo claim that its intent is to switch to OnePlus or even a Xiaomi as Chang Cheng did some time ago. In the first case, it would not be a difficult shift at all since OnePlus is a company that is part of BBK Electronics, macrogroup which includes Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and Realme; other voices instead, say that Shen wants to move to Xiaomi, always one of the most fierce competitors of Oppo.

The Chinese media suggest a return to Xiaomi

If you didn't know, however, the former CEO of Oppo has already been part of Lei Jun's company: he officially joined the company in 2011 and was responsible for the work of the Xiaomi community before moving on to the marketing department. Only in 2013 did it become an integral part of Oppo, doing it first vice president and subsequently president. Further confusing the ideas is a post by Wang Teng Thomas, product director of Redmi. The ninety piece of the Xiaomi sub-brand would have greeted Shen saying "Take a rest and return to the team as soon as possible"

shen yiren leaves oppo

But what the Chinese media are not calculating is that in the official document it says that he is "outgoing president of Oppo"And not that gave the" resignation ". This means that contrary to what is disclosed, he is still part of the company. We don't know what kind of title it has and we honestly don't need to know. Also, according to his words, he plans to return to the team as soon as possible. The CEO himself Chen Mingyong who has entered his place, greets him wishing him a speedy recovery and his return as soon as possible.

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