Official Realme Band: features, design and prices

Very important day for Realme India. This morning not only was the highly anticipated presented Realme 6 and its Pro variant but it also made its debut there Realme band. This represents the first wearable product of the brand. A smartband with all the trappings, a hybrid between a sportband and a smartwatch. What will be the direct rival of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is actually different from this from the design side, although the features are more or less the same. Let's see all the details below.

Realme Band debuts: many features and very low price for the band

Design Realme Band

The Realme Band introduces itself very similar to the Honor Band 5: the front display is rectangular but unlike the latter it has only one part of the strap that comes off. By removing the lower part it is possible to charge the smartband by attaching it directly to the power via USB, or by connecting it to the powerbank. Speaking of measurements, the panel is from 2.4 cm (0.96 ″ in total with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels) and is of the LCD type. Also supports more than 65.000 colorswhich will allow you to enjoy the famous ones watchfaces in all their splendor.

Since we are on the subject of display we also speak of notifications. The device is also designed to receive notifications that arrive on our smartphone, connecting them via bluetooth (4.2 unfortunately) with the application LinkSmart. The ones we can receive are the classic ones: calls, SMS, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Purely devoted to fitness rather than elegance, the Realme Band is equipped with IP68 certification (up to 1.5 m deep) and this makes it waterproof.

Features Realme Band

Now let's move on to the more technical side, that is, all those functions supported by the smartband. Being this dedicated to sportsmen, we find multiple activities that can be monitored. For the moment there are only 9 but the promise is to increase them over time.

realme band sports activities

We find activities such as: yoga, race, walk, gym exercises like weightlifting

, cricket (very popular in India), climbing, spinning, excursions of various kinds and bicycle race. We have specified that cricket is very popular in India for one reason: the CEO Madhav wanted to emphasize on several occasions that the product is specifically designed by Indians for Indians. This does not mean that we will not see it in Europe, but simply that China (the original base of Realme) the product will not see the light.

The basic features instead are the classics that we find in a fitness band. Let's talk about 24h active health assistant and heart rate monitoring (PPG) with custom algorithm for Indians. During the presentation it was not clarified what this customization means, but we are sure that it refers to their work rate.

Realme Band drums

This is where the donkey falls: given the hype before the presentation, we expected more and instead the smartband has a body under the body battery alone 90 mAh. This, according to the brand, would allow up to 10 days autonomy with PPG always active. Not bad, but there is better on the market.

The big advantage is the top-up mode: we can recharge the sport band without using additional cables. As mentioned in the introduction, removing the lower part of the strap will be possible insert the Realme Band into the socket via USB. In addition, the brand gives us the opportunity to use the Powerbank recently presented to upload it: in less than two hours you get 100% charged.

Prices, colors and availability Realme Band

As far as prices are concerned, we are slightly below what is the cost of products of the same type. In India it will be sold at 1.499 rupees, equivalent to € 18 at the current exchange rate. The colors available are military green, yellow (brand icon color) e black and the sale will start from 9 March on Flipkart and Amazon. The arrival in Europe is obviously still to be announced.

realme band price

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[...] Last thing to say is the price: at launch it costs 99 yuan, or about 13 €. Unfortunately it was not announced when this will debut in Europe and in Italy but without a doubt we will have to wait for months before seeing it. At this price, despite limited capabilities, it ranks first by overtaking the Realme Band. [...]