Realme announces a mid-range with Snapdragon 720G and dual front cameras

It is a few days that the CEO of Realme India Madhav Sheth announces that there will be news for the brand during the Qualcomm India Event, held today. He, after witnessing the moment when the leading US microprocessor giant introduced the new chipsets, also announced that Realme will be among the first brands to bring a smartphone with one of these, or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. The other SoCs presented by the company are lo Snapdragon 662 and 460. But the news does not end here because the CEO, in making the announcement, has also confirmed that the device will be equipped with one dual front cameras integrated in the display, How Realme X50.

Realme announces a mid-range with Snapdragon 720G and dual front cameras

The announcement came to us through Twitter, his preferred method when it comes to ads of this type. The tweet in question left us an image that would depict, albeit in dim light, the design of the next Realme with Snapdragon 720G.

This processor belongs to the category of mid-range, or the mid-range chipsets, which if we want halfway between a Snapdragon 665 and a 765G although compared to these two it has much more interesting features. Features that translate with capacity. Below we post the complete official technical sheet if you want to take a look, but for convenience we also list the features of this SoC which we think are more important.

snapdragon 720g

On the agenda we basically have optimization for entertainment (gaming, hence the G in the name of the processor), very low connectivity and energy consumption. Let's see why:

  • 465-bit Qualcomm Kryo 64 CPU, up to 2.3GHz;
  • Adreno GPU 618, as said optimized for gaming;
  • Qualcomm AI Engine 5th generation;
  • support for FHD + display with refresh rate up to 120 Hz to the delight of gamers;
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming;
  • 6 WiFi with WPA3;
  • Bluetooth 5.1.

These are the characteristics related to the three points above but in reality there is also something else interesting, related to the photographic part: the processor in fact supports photographs up to 192 megapixels, an indication that for the next mid-range the brand could aim a little higher (hopefully without exaggerating). It is therefore a SoC that carries the higher end features to a lower step.

But what we ask ourselves is: Realme will do like Redmi? Has the endless period of numerous slightly different smartphones started for you too? Hopefully not.


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