Oppo Watch in new render, more beautiful than Apple Watch?

In a world where wearables become an increasingly growing category, for example TWS headphones are now the second best-selling smart product after only smartphones, the launch of a smartwatch has become something fundamental for every self-respecting brand. Oppo is aware of it and in fact has been working on the production of its first smartwatch since October 2019.

Oppo Watch in new render, more beautiful than Apple Watch?

Oppo watch

Oppo's smartwatch then disappeared from the radar for several months, re-emerging about two weeks ago with a yield showing us the possible design of the device. Well, today that design seems to be confirmed by another render always arriving from China.

As we can see in the images, shared by a famous Chinese leaker, the Oppo Watch (if we can call it that) is shown in all its beauty.

The smartwatch adopts a square Apple Watch style screen but with a small (or large for some) difference. In fact, we see that the screen, or at least the layer of glass above it, curves to the sides. We will therefore have a slightly more modern look with thinner edges in the Oppo Find X style.

Oppo watch

Oppo also seems to have abandoned the Digital Crown (digital crown) that we find on devices such as Apple Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch, typically used to navigate within the UI. Instead, there are two physical buttons with a hole between them, most likely for the microphone.

What can we say, although we would like to be able to say that it does not look like the Apple Watch, the reality is that it looks very similar instead. That said, how the CEO of Oppo had anticipated himself, Shen Yiren, there aren't that many options when creating a smartwatch. Adding that the rectangular shape is the best one for displaying data on the screen, as opposed to the round shape, and that surely they would not have done it in the shape of a triangle.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch photo

Now tell us yours. What do you think of design? Do you think it looks like Apple Watch or not?

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