OPPO Smart Speaker: It transpires the design inspired by traditional Chinese bells

In April of this year, the Chinese brand OPPO had anticipated the arrival of a new smart speaker. The teaser back then it only showed us a picture from above of the device and nothing more.

OPPO Smart Speaker: It transpires the design inspired by traditional Chinese bells

OPPO Smart Speaker

The brand then held a conference a few days later in which it presented several smart products, but unfortunately those who expected the smart speaker were disappointed as the teaser image actually represented the OPPO Enco W31, a pair of headphones High-end TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for those who want to listen to music with maximum audio quality.

In any case, returning to the OPPO Smart Speaker, the product has just returned to be talked about thanks to the new images that this time show us the speaker.

Traditional Chinese bell OPPO Smart Speaker

Traditional Chinese bell

As we can see in the images above and below, the new Smart Speaker partially reminds us of the shape of a bell in ancient China. The body is covered with well-placed protrusions that appear there only for an aesthetic factor (therefore they are not buttons). While the rest of the body sees cracks covered by a woven material, even if it is not clear whether it is metal or fabric. At the bottom of the speaker there are then three small pins to support the device. In this case it seems quite clear that these are wooden feet.

In addition, in the third image released, there is also some information on the features that we will find on board the OPPO smart speaker. Specifically, we should find an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant who should even be able to recognize the tone of our voice and take action. Obviously once we recognize the person who gives the commands, we will receive personalized responses.

OPPO Smart Speaker

The type of connectivity will instead be Bluetooth, although most likely it will also be available with WiFi to play music and much more independently.

At the moment, it is not known if this product has a display at the top or where the buttons are located (and if there are any). We will therefore have to wait for the official presentation to find out more.

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