Oppo Reno Glow: the new brand appears. What will it be?

The amount of smartphones that Oppo is bringing out in this period is hallucinating. We have seen as many devices belonging to the A series as possible Oppo Reno 3A. Or we got to know Oppo A52, with its mammoth 5.000 mAh battery. In short, a bit like Xiaomi Oppo is also with his hands in the dough. However, it seems that only with regard to the medium and low range is this the situation. In this regard a new trademark was deposited in Europe through theEUIPO ("European Union Intellectual Property Office"): his name is Oppo Reno Glow. What is it about? Let's try to find out together.

Oppo Reno Glow is a new trademark registered in Europe by the Chinese company: a new smartphone? Or will it be an accessory?

We discover this trademark thanks to the team of Leadsgodigital who, before anyone else, manages to get to this type of material. Let's see in detail what the document tells us about the brand Oppo Reno Glow.

oppo reno glow

This is the screenshot of the documentation that you will find in full at the end of the article. We recall in this regard that, although some Indian sites accuse of plagiarism when it comes to this mareriale, these data are available to everyone on the net. Having made this small but necessary premise, let's see colleagues from the Netherlands what they discovered.

Il trademark Oppo Reno Glow would have been filed on April 20 2020 and published yesterday April 24 2020. This follows the Reno 2 e series Reno 3, the latter just out for which we are waiting for more news. In any case, this new TM seems to belong to 9 class, class which includes all those devices that you read at the end of the screenshot. we find software, hardware, tablets, phone covers but also smartphones in general.

It is not clear whether this trademark Glow it belongs to smartphones but we can assume that it is a line dedicated to young people (personally the name makes me think of that). Realme (Oppo sub-brand) has also launched a line dedicated to children, that is Realme Narzo.

oppo reno 3 pro 5g

Time will give us an answer. For the moment we still hope that they will arrive Reno 3 e Reno 3 Pro.

PDF document of the Oppo Glow trademark

Via | Leadsgodigital

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