OPPO Find X2 will record 8K movies

We continue to talk about one of the most anticipated top of the range of the year, namely the OPPO Find X2, smartphone that will debut with the Qualcomm Snapadragon 865 processor. It will probably not be among the first devices to appear on the market, as at the moment the head-to-head is given by Xiaomi with its Mi 10 and Samsung with its S20, but this does not mean that the expectations on the new OPPO flagship are very high.

And to make the hype for the OPPO Find X2 grow even more, the company itself thinks that through a post on the social Tweeter, it underlines how the potential of the new SoC Snapdragon 865 give their technological "little creature" 5G connectivity but above all the possibility of recording videos in 8K.

OPPO Find X2 will record 8K movies

As you could see from the video that appeared on Qualcomm's Youtube channel, the ability to record in 8K resolution will allow all devices equipped with the new chipset to improve considerably in the video field. OPPO Find X2 therefore, as well as all devices equipped with the same CPU, will be able to keep up with the much acclaimed iPhone 11 Pro.

The qualitative leap will not happen so much for the resolution itself, still useless today for the lack of display in circulation, but for the possibilities that arise from it. Imagine what you can create with the zoom, usually penalized in the camera software of each device. You can save money by inserting a telephoto camera, as the 8K resolution would allow you to go beyond imagination. In short, Oppo Find X2 will have a lot to say and be appreciated.

Recall that a PRO version of the Find X2 model is also expected, which may be the only one to integrate the particularities of the case. In fact, we know that at the display level it will have a refresh rate at 120 Hz compared to the 90 of the basic version as well as the resolution of the display will rise to 2K.

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