Oppo: two gold medals on AnTuTu, top of the range and medium range

There is nothing to do: the other brands must put their soul in peace if they want to be first in the rankings AnTuTu. Yes, because Oppo is not to be overcome neither when it comes to the top of the range, nor even when it comes to the mid-range. We have seen in recent months how Oppo Reno 3 e Oppo Find X2 Pro have been the two points of reference of the known classification referred to benchmarking. And guess what? For for the third consecutive month the Rhine maintains the first position in the mid range, while the Find X2 Pro earns the first seat in the top range sector.

Oppo Reno 3 5G and Find X2 Pro are the best smartphones, or rather they continue to be according to AnTuTu

Before seeing the ranking we want to remember that Reno 3 5G is proving better, more, by brother Reno 3 Pro. There is a substantial difference between the two, the processor. While in the second we find the highly appreciated Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, in the first is the battered MediaTek Dimensity 1000L that is making itself heard. There is so much talk about him that in China users hope for the same processor on Oppo Ace 2. Now let's see the mid-range ranking.

antutu march oppo reno 3 5g

The ranking remains mostly unchanged if we look at the first half, while in the second half there are differences compared to last month even if minimal. In any case, we are used to seeing only the initial part when we talk about Oppo smartphones. The Reno 3 5G that remains first scores a score of 407.340 points, about 80.000 more than the second in the ranking. This is the highly sought after vivo X30 5G with the powerful Exynos 980 processor. The Oppo Reno 3 Pro also remains in the same position, the fourth. The rest of the ranking doesn't matter to us, but it is interesting to note that the Redmi Note 8 Pro remains last

despite the gaming processor that integrates under the body.

One last thing to note is that, unlike January-February, in the period February-March l'Oppo Reno 3 5G saw one decrease in the score on AnTuTu even if really poor.

We now proceed to see the top of the range ranking, where in the first position we find (without surprise) Oppo Find X2 Pro.

antutu march oppo find x2 pro

The recent Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro cannot reach our Find X2 Pro despite having the same processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This because? The answer is obvious: theOS optimization makes the difference, although the SoC under the body is the same. In this case the ColorOS 7.1 did better than MIUI 11, making the device score 606.389 points. The difference with the Mi 10 Pro is not much (almost 8.000 points) but in the graph it is felt. It is not so much the position of the Pro that amazes, but that of the standard version: this is placed in third position immediately after the new Xiaomi smartphone, with a score of 590.253, or 8.000 points less than the latter.

In short, nothing to say for the two Oppo smartphones that are enjoying great success not only in terms of benchmark scores but also and above all in terms of sales volume. In fact, in China, despite the high cost, i pre-orders for these two smartphones (but especially for the Pro) are skyrocketing. The brand is doing an excellent job in both marketing and production: think of the limited edition Lamborghini).

oppo find x2 pro lamborghini adventator

Now we just have to wait for the arrival of Ace 2 that makes you want so much. This will see its debut in China in exactly 10 days, April 13th. From his we will see not only the performances to scream, as it will continue on the line of its predecessor, but also a new type of photographic sector that we have never seen on the brand's devices.

Source | AnTuTu

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