Oppo breaks all records at 11.11 festival, up to 458% more sales

If you are a fan of smartphone or Chinese technology in general, yesterday you will have noticed a lot of offers online to coincide with the Chinese singles party, also known as Double Eleven or 11.11.

During the festival, which clearly takes place every 11 November, all the major brands of smartphones and gadgets in the Asian country lower the prices of a large number of products. Oppo was therefore no exception. The Chinese manufacturer has therefore promoted several devices and today the final report arrives with all the data about it. Let's discover them together!

Oppo breaks all records at 11.11 festival, up to 458% more sales

Oppo double eleven festival

Let's start with the most successful smartphone which according to the revealed data seems to have been theOppo Reno Ace Gundam Edition who won the "best personalized smartphone" award. This is obviously a very special prize as it only takes into account smartphones customized in some way and in limited numbers.

Then we have the data for each store where the Double Eleven festival was held. So for example on the official Oppo store, the brand managed to sell many more devices in the first minute compared to the previous year. While at the start of the first hour there was already an increase of 458% of smartphones always sold compared to 12 months before.

oppo reno ace gundam edition

Oppo Reno Ace Gundam Edition

Moving on to another well-known online store in China, namely TMall. Here Oppo increased its sales by around 74% in the first hour compared to last year's event.

On the Jingdong store, however, this increase was 157% year-on-year. Finally, on the Suning platform, the manufacturer sold more smartphones in the first hour of offers compared to another famous Chinese festival, that of the summer sales held on June 18.

Oppo double eleven festival

As for the most successful devices, these include the Reno Ace, Reno Ace Gundam Edition, K5, K3, Reno2 and Reno.


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