OPPO's Uncover Antarctica project shows and the potential of Find X2 Pro

In this 2020 we have seen the launch of many top of the range, which have focused heavily on photographic and video performances. Among these we find the amazing OPPO Find X2 Pro which thanks to the Uncover Antartctica project in collaboration with National Geographic for the award-winning Slovak photographer Michaela Skovranova, shows its interesting features through an extraordinary documentary, scripted in the frame of the White Continent, with its nature untouched.

OPPO's Uncover Antarctica project shows and the potential of Find X2 Pro

The Uncover Antarctica project lasted three weeks, during which the photographer was able to capture the wonders offered by an expedition departing from the southern tip of South America with a destination for the Antarctic Peninsula, showing users the local fauna and breathtaking views, thanks to a technological protagonist who accompanied the challenge at temperatures well below zero.

I never imagined that it was possible to take photos like these with a smartphone. Photos that stand up to a professional camera in terms of sharpness and brightness. The functions of OPPO Find X2 Pro include two 48 megapixel sensors and a 10x hybrid zoom, features that allow you to take photos capable of leaving any photographer and director speechless.

The Ultra Steady Video function played a crucial role during the rough passages and the powerful waves of the sea, avoiding annoying vibrations and the ultra-wide-angle camera was fundamental to immortalize a colony of scattered penguins, grouping them in one photo.

The Ultra Night Mode 3.0 is also very useful to guarantee all the necessary sharpness and brightness and the 3D Audio recording that the OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with.

The Uncover Antarctica is an example of an exceptional campaign based on the spirit of exploration shared by OPPO, National Geographic and the talented photographer Michaela Skovranova. Our goal was to show the result that the combination of creative talent and technological innovations could produce under extreme conditions. With this project we have seriously tested our new premium smartphone OPPO Find X2 Pro, and it has passed with flying colors! A product capable of providing such brilliant performances in Antarctica is capable of facing all the challenges that daily life places before it.

Maggie Xue, OPPO President of the WEU Region (Western Europe) commented.

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