Here is the first video render showing Oppo Find X2

It is now clear when Oppo is aiming hard in both the mid-range and top ranges. Oppo Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro they are proof of this, although they can be identified as a hybrid between the two bands if we consider the processor. However, it is true that the chip mounted under the body is not everything ... unless it is one Snapdragon 865! This SoC will be mounted by theOppo find x2The smartphone next gen of the brand that in addition to this powerful component will enjoy others unique features like the new one Sony omnidirectional photo sensor. But what will the device be like at the end of the fair? This video render could show us the design of Oppo Find X2, in all its facets.

Here is the first video render showing Oppo Find X2

We would like to emphasize that this video does not represent the real Oppo Find X2, but it is a render unofficial. The first thing that catches the eye, unlike what can be expected, is that the device in question does not aim high as regards the I share photographic. On the other hand to the company it does not matter to amaze with quantity but with quality.

In fact, the rear side has only three cameras, one of which is square in shape. It is probably the periscopic lens

but there is no certainty. Note on the brand for continuing the Rhine 2 line on the subject “protrusion cameras": Oppo has decided to insert the body flush cameras, thus avoiding unpleasant accidents and unnecessary scratches on the lenses. So good. In the lower part of the device a translucent bar with the brand name avoid excessively empty spaces.

The corners are super rounded and, to continue this line at all angular, there is also the curved display design on the sides. The most exciting thing is the complete absence of edges on the minus and on the forehead: unlike other high-end smartphones, this Oppo Find X2 does not show any space above the display (forehead) but a slight black at the bottom (chin), thus ensuring a screen ratio very close to 100%. You are wondering where the front camera is located: we are not sure but it is plausible that the company has managed to mature the technology of the invisible sensor under the display that we saw in Reno Ace prototype.

render oppo find x2 camera under display

At the bottom, however, there is no lack of type-C connector and the cash register stereo for the highest quality sound. What do you think about it? Would you like this design or did you expect something more futuristic on theOppo find x2? Personally I believed that with this device the brand reached astral fantasy levels ... but even so I don't mind.


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7 months ago

Oppo never disappoints !!! Large company, high quality device with a well-kept design and the great merit of always bringing innovation