Google Camera (GCam) available for Realme X2

When you buy a new smartphone, you often look first at the photographic sector than at the price, however the available finances do not allow the camera phone of our dreams and therefore we find ourselves buying a device definitely not at the top in terms of photographic performance. Fortunately, modding comes to the rescue with the porting of the well-known Google Camera, which is now also available for the medium range of excellence Realme X2.

It should be noted that this that we will bring in this guide is one of the various versions that can be found on the net and that at the moment has not reported any bugs, but it is possible that others may appear, perhaps with better functions. This field header still has all the basic functions, such as HDR +, portrait mode, night mode etc .. Of course this port can also work with other smartphones, as well as Realme X2, as long as the processor is the same , or the Snapdragon 730G that we can find for example on board the Mi Note 10.

Porting information for GCam for Realme X2:

  • This GCam is for devices with Android Pie operating system and / or later versions;
  • This GCam for Realme X2 is a port of the Google Camera version 6.1.021;
  • This build of GCam for Realme X2 is currently provided without an xml configuration file, so the extra chambers are disabled.

Also you don't have to worry about being geeks, as the Camera2 APIs are already bilitated by default on the devices supplied with Android Oreo or later versions, so just install the APK without resorting to Root or anything else.

How to install Google Camera on Realme X2?

  1. Download the GCam apk for Realme X2 from the download link above;
  2. To install third-party application from sources other than the Play Store, it is necessary to enable the installation from Unknown Sources on your device.To do it go to Settings>> Apps & notifications Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file management app etc.)> Install Unknown Apps e skills Allow from this sourceGCAM
  3. Once enabled, click on the apk you just downloaded to install;
  4. Launch the GCam app and enjoy the best mobile photography on Realme X2.
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