From today the themes and fonts on ColorOS are paid

As we all know coloros is the scustom Android kin used by Oppo and his satellite company Realme; customization that will shortly see the release of its seventh release. We have already announced the event to you in this article, then ensuring all the authenticity of the source. The thing that to all Android users, especially those who use this customization of the green robot, is precisely the possibility of customize it to your liking. Among the most popular features for this customization are themes and fonts which can be downloaded for free from the store. This has been so far, given that the brand has decided to charge for these two attributes.

From today the themes and fonts on ColorOS are paid

The user interface that unites Oppo e Realme now has this new feature that will not appeal to all users. While until yesterday the themes, ringtones, fonts and much more have been usable for free, from today they are not more. According to what reported, I access to OS Theme Store these aspects related to the personalization of your device you have to pay for at a price of 29 Indian rupees (0.37 cents at the current exchange rate). As we see from the photographs below, we also note that it will be possible to pay through 4 modes: UPI, Paytm Wallet, Visa and MasterCard and KoKo Coins

. Obviously they are not ALL paid but some remain and will remain free.

In our country we only have two of these payment methods available, but it is not excluded that other tools with which to buy such as PayPal can be impelentate. However, there seems to be anoption to try the theme in preview and see how it looks on your device before deciding whether to buy it or not.

This nnews appears very strange to us for two reasons: first of all the brand has not made official in any way this change of its policy regarding the download on the Theme Store, but it seems to have acted on a healthy basis; the second reason is that in precisely 11 days ColorOS 7 will be released in China and such a move doesn't go hand in hand with the latter.

However, if you also know another Chinese brand, or Xiaomi, you will be aware that up to now there has been a substantial difference between the two brands with respect to the topic: while Oppo has decided to charge some of them without breaking advertising boxes, Xiaomi has otherwise opted to make them available to everyone for free but by implementing the ads which greatly annoy users.


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Massimo Disarò
Massimo Disarò
8 months ago

I just bought an Oppo A5 2020 but the theme store is not available, is there a way to get it?

6 months ago

Hi everyone, I bought Oppo A5 2020 yesterday and going to the themes section I don't have the possibility to download them, because there isn't really the option. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks so much.

4 months ago

Guys are saying that they can't find the option to access the store to download other themes. The basic ones are there, but you cannot find others from your mobile settings. I have a recent X2 Pro and I am also trying to figure out how to do it.
Good evening