ColorOS 7: OPPO OS announced today with an official teaser

One of the biggest things OEMs looking for a product is not only the hardware or photographic sector, which are also important, but the customization of the operating system. It is now common practice to create your own Android skin with which to decorate your smartphones and so it is for everyone: starting from the expensive Huawei up to most cheap Xiaomi. The same philosophy has also been adopted for some time OPPO, who created his very own skin coloros. For some time this has remained firm at the sixth release but surprisingly today the seventh has been officially announced, or ColorOS 7. Born first from a leak on Weibo, this was immediately confirmed by the company with a very nice video.

ColorOS 7: OPPO OS announced today with an official teaser

Everything took place within a few hours: to start, a photograph started to turn up Weibo raising the hype of thousands of Chinese users. This shot portrays a woman, probably a developer, committed to hiding her poster to present the OPPO operating system. Even if the image is blurred, you can still see the date hidden by the hand: 2X of November. Lots of users voted for the 25 November not knowing that the official date would arrive after a few minutes.

ColorOS 7

Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, previously had revealed that ColorOS 7 would have been released for the flagship Reno 10X Zoom Edition, the first company device to receive it. Subsequently all the other devices would receive the update.

A few minutes later, on another Chinese site, a video appeared that has all the air of being official which would announce in the street final release of ColorOS 7 on 20 November. We link it below for completeness.

I am currently unknown the features of ColorOS 7 but to find out just stay tuned with us since tomorrow at 7.00 am the official announcement will be made by OPPO. Despite this, however, users of Realme (the sub-brand) remain dry-mouthed after confirmation by Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme india, according to which the brand smartphones will not receive support for this OS. The matter is turning into a real problem since there are really many to ask, but the company does not decide to expand the support to the sub-brand too, leaving users still with a stock version of Android. We hope that with this announcement the OS will also be extended to Realme.

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