AnTuTu is clear: Oppo Reno 3 is better than its Pro version

We have already addressed the speech benchmarking in the past, always relative toOppo Reno 3 announced today. But while two weeks ago we talked about it for confirm the processor that it mounts, today we speak for the score that the latter produced. In a very recent comparison found on Weibo, a user decided to compare the benchmarks made through AnTuTu of the devices Oppo Reno 3 e Reno 3 Pro. These two devices seem very similar but they are not in reality: while the first (the standard one) mounts a processor MediaTek Dimesity 1000L, the second (Pro version) mounts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. But which is the best? We prennunciamo so: it is not the Snapdragon.

AnTuTu speaks clearly: Oppo Reno 3 better than its Pro version

That's right, who has always believed that Qualcomm exceeds MediaTek in all he will have to change his mind because the scores AnTuTu they speak clearly. Oppo Reno 3 beats his older brother Oppo Reno 3 Pro 1 to 0. Before sending everyone into raptures, however, we would like to emphasize that a such a minimal difference doesn't really make a difference, especially in daily use. Indeed, as regards this parameter, the Pro achieves a better score.

As we see from the images above, on the left is the version Pro (5G) with a score of 320.822

while on the right we find the standard (always 5G) with a score of 337.669. But let's analyze the data: as regards the performance of the CPU and GPU, the basic version wins with high hands totaling 24.000 points more in the first case and 8.500 points in the second.

As we used to say, however, the numbers do not make the experience and in fact here "the donkey falls": while before the device moved by Snapdragon 765G was satisfied with the dark place, when it comes to UX (i.e. user experience) the situation is reversed. In this case the highest score is achieved by Reno 3 Pro which scores 56.983 points against the 44.378 of Reno 3. Normally the UX UX score is divided into two: multitasking e runtime. The first represents the multitasking capability of the device, so it mainly refers to Multi-core CPU. The runtime score represents the way it does Android runs the apps. You will understand for yourself that these two aspects related to the UX score are fundamental and far more important of the numbers that circulate every day: regardless of the score, in fact, a good smartphone must be well usable without any lag and problem.

We look forward to the first reviews and hope to bring one too. In any case we are pleased to know that MediaTek is producing well-made SoCs. This means that the smartphones market will soon receive a breath of fresh air.


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